Edge of the Empire

Knives in the Dark
Secrets Better Left Covered
Maybe next time don't mess with the Force, yeah?

After the successful fleecing of a feared crime lord in order to gain 50,000 credits in exchange for any future nights of restful sleep and an existence not plagued by paranoia, there was only one thing left for our heroes to do… go SHOPPING! Because every GM’s worst nightmare isn’t a group of characters with no known aspirations or goals having far too much money for them to even know what to do with.

With a new plan and a pocketful of credits, the party flew to Nar Shaddaa in order to brave the bazaars of legal and illicit goods alike, managing to offend shop owners even while they handed them credit chips!

A New Hope(lessness)
Debts to Pay

Our intrepid heroes, Alvi Jhri-they, Kitaddik, and Kaladin StormReaver (1996), due to inexplicable circumstance and GM intervention, banded together under the employ of Bargos the Hutt in order to appraise his newly acquired mine on the planet Gavos. Bargos, being a poor man’s Jabba, had very little money or resources and won the mine gambling, so the heroes were flying in blind with no knowledge of either the circumstance of their mission nor the nature of their coworkers, as they spent absolutely zero time getting to know each other before blasting off into hyperspace together towards a new adventure.

After arriving at the mine, things began to take a darker turn; all of the lights were out in the mine. As was the rest of the electricity. And the shields were failing that protected the facility from the inhospitable clime of Gavos. And no miners nor living beings were there to greet them. A perfectly normal stop on a strange new planet!

Further investigation uncovered something dastardly under the surface… After breaking into an unlocked office through the window where there should have been a receptionist greeting them with shock and terror at their intrusion, their was only silence and solitude. Our brave adventurers took out their mental microscopes and began to creep through the empty halls of the mine, eventually discovering a restrained administrative droid whose memory had been wiped clean. Offering little information, the explorers remained in the dark, but further inquiry soon revealed the remains of violent acts, as a dining area’s only customers were four dead humans still sitting at their table as a service droid puttered around the kitchen, ceaselessly bustling and hustling despite the new horror that appeared to have fallen on the mine.

A new panic began to spread through the party as blasters and bowcasters alike were drawn. They began to push quickly through the rest of the facility, hastily overlooking many a locked room or safe, and gathering a steadily growing amount of loot from the pockets of dead miners. Eventually, they met their first true test; a group of unarmed droids at the mouth of the mine shaft unloading boxes.

The players, in their not quite paranoid enough state, questioned the droids as to the happenings within the mine and took them for their word. Droids don’t lie, right? They don’t possess artificial intelligence, they’re just here to serve organics, yeah? A supervisor droid by the name of EV-8D3 greeted the party, informing them that the facility had recently been raided by a group of pirates, who were at this very moment attempting to finish off the rest of the miners barricaded down in the depths of the mine shaft! Always quick to fight a group of pirates, our heroes flew down the mine shaft at a medium pace, as they were limited by the speed of their mine cart, and their only light was the illumination of their glowsticks and the fire of their determination to kill some kriffing pirates.

Upon reaching the bottom of the mine, the miners who had survived the violent uprising of droids which had ACTUALLY claimed the lives of so many others had a reasonable conversation with the adventurers and no violence broke out. Sit coms could learn something from this situation. But alas, this turned out to be their only victory of the day, as they quickly made their ways up the mine shaft back to the surface in order to bring these dastardly droids to justice with miners in tow, running headlong into the waiting ambush the droids had set after deceiving the party beforehand. After a deadly duel between Alvi Jhri-they and a medical droid, an unfortunate encounter with a load lifter that nearly cracked the skull of brave Kaladin StormReaver (1996), and a general slaughter of B-1 battle droids at the hands of an enraged Kitaddik, the leaders of the rebellion, EV-8D3 and R2-B7, escaped the planet, leaving destroyed droids and bodies in their wake. The New Droid’s Rights Movement was born, and its seed sown in the galaxy at large.

As the end of the battle arrived, blasters turned from droids to humans, as a tense negotiation between the miners and the “heroes” began over how many credits exactly the party was going to, um, withdraw from the funds of the mine. But such monetary quarrels were soon forgotten, as the looming threat of the atmosphere came tumbling down on the party as the shields finally failed and the only protection for the mine broke. Grabbing what they could from the safe of the mine, the adventurers fled the mine to their ship, successfully bringing four miners along with them, but leaving another six behind to die by the storm after gunning down two others who attempted to board the ship when it departed. As the landing pad fell apart beneath them, sweeping away the rest of the crew, the party of adventurers flew out of atmosphere, returning to the palace of Bargos the Hutt.

Having taken a substantial sum from the safe of the mine, face could have been saved in the court of Bargos. But no such amicable ending was sought by the party at the end of such an adventure, and they withheld all but a paltry 30,000 credits, still a respectable sum, but approximately 30% of what he asked for. They were ushered out of the palace under a string of Huttese, and convened at a bar to lick their wounds and count out their ill gotten gains, having gained 50,000 credits and a debt to a Hutt when it was all said and done.


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