Lorik Feryss

A Jedi in hiding searching for a long lost artifact


Lorik Feryss was a middle-aged – 50 or so – human male. Streaks of grey ran through his otherwise dark hair, which fell over a weathered, tired face. Feryss was a former Jedi historian and padawan of Tmennit En’Dey, who escaped the ravages of the Jedi Purge, that is until his teaming up with the ill fated crew of the Wild Card. He was off-Coruscant when Order 66 was given and had the wherewithal to stay hidden ever since. He made his way in the galaxy acting as a trader and researcher in antiquities, and his past life as a Jedi historian served him well in this regard. He was searching primarily for a lost Jedi holocron that held techniques which could be used to purge the dark side from things living and otherwise.

After hiring the crew of the Wild Card to accompany him under the guise of looking for historical documents, he traveled to Tython in search of a lost Jedi Temple. The holocron was found in the depths of the temple, but a hand of the dark side of the Force blocked their way home, as a Dark Jedi in service of the Emperor had tracked them down. Lorik was slain fighting the Jedi, attempting to defend his allies and his life’s work.

Lorik Feryss

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