Sirak Koth

A young Zabrak assassin with a hatred for the Empire


Knuckle length horns, orange skin, black face tattoos


Trained as an assassin on the Zabrak homeworld, Sirak Koth set off to make his mark on the world of hired guns. Of course he immediately bit off more than he could chew in accepting a contract to assassinate an Imperial governor of an occupied Zabrak colony.
Before he could even get into position to kill the target, Sirak was betrayed by his client, who turned out to be a mole put in place by his target, Romulus Glanton, and apprehended by Imperial troops. Sentenced to life in an Imperial prison, Sirak developed a hatred for his client and the Imperials. This hatred quickly devolved into a mental illness satisfied only by the cold-blooded murder of Imperials.
Sirak has now escaped the prison with his new companions and travels the galaxy with Trudy, a large vibro-knife, and Rhoda, a sniper rifle.

Sirak Koth

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