Zander Bell

A human smuggler with his own upstart crime syndicate who calls Ord Mantell home.


Zander is a well built human male with a shaved head and numerous scars visible on his body, which, along with the robotic left hand, seem to indicate a more hands-on management style, further evidenced by the larger tactical clothing that he wears in order to hide whatever surprises he may have hidden on his person.


Zander is a former Zann Consortium infochant who left on amiable terms with the criminal network after a successful gun running operation that equipped the large rebel attack on the planet of Cymoon 1, which destroyed the Empire’s largest weapons production facility and also created more demand for Tyber Zann’s own business ventures. Zann was so pleased with the outcome that he gave Zander Bell his blessing to begin operating his own operations semi-autonomously. But one can only escape the influence of Tyber Zann so much…

Zander operates from multiple locations, although his main center of business is located on The Wheel. He also splits time between his home world of Ord Mantell and operating on the go on his ship, the Killing Blow.

Zander Bell

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